Internal Specialists, Scene #02 – Falcon Studios

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63331 – Asher Devin arrives for his appointment on the Internal Specialists. While checking him in, doctor’s assistant Skippy Baxter can not help trying out Asher’s cute butt. Skippy leads Asher to the examination room. Realizing he forgot his pen, Skippy leaves Asher alone for a couple of minutes. While Skippy is out, Asher strips right down to his practically see-by means of white briefs. When Skippy comes again in, he does a double take when he notices Asher’s large bulge. The examination begins as Skippy notes Asher’s weight and listens to his coronary heart. The sexual pressure between nurse and affected person will get extra intense with every passing minute. Taking an opportunity, Asher grabs Skippy’s hand and strikes it to his throbbing boner. ‘Damn boy, you are packing huge!’ exclaims Skippy. Throwing warning to the wind, they make out passionately as Asher strips off Skippy’s scrubs. Asher’s briefs come off, and Skippy goes right down to get a style of Asher’s huge, onerous dick. Trading locations, Asher takes a flip swallowing Skippy’s thick meat, wrapping his hand round Skippy’s shaft, and utilizing his lips to suck on the fats mushroom head. Skippy raises his legs within the air so Asher can work his tongue up into Skippy’s keen gap. Apparently, Skippy wants some sexual therapeutic much more than his affected person! Turning round, Skippy leans over the examination desk and takes Asher’s bone doggy model. Asher rams his cock into Skippy HARD, eliciting uncontrollable moans of delight. The pressure builds till Skippy lets unfastened with large spurts of cum, capturing all the best way up previous his shoulders. Asher grabs his rod and blasts Skippy’s cock and balls with thick, white gobs of cum.

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